Grace For Vets

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Please note: If you are a Veteran or Military Service Personnel, you DO NOT need to register for a free wash. You simply need to Find a Wash Near You that is participating. 

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  • Registering for the program requires that you offer veterans and current military personnel a FREE car wash on November 11th, April 25th or both, whichever is selected when you register. As veterans and service personnel expect registered washes to offer the wash on the day(s) you select we highly encourage and recommend that you offer the FREE wash rain or shine. As the program was built based on the military honor system we strongly encourage and suggest that you do NOT require any proof of military ID. Our history and experience have proven that abuse is minimal to non-existent. To show the success of the program you are required to report your wash totals within three business days of the date(s) you selected. The totals can be reported at